VIA 2008.

VIA 2008. Coated polyamide, aluminium, braided nylon, webbing, pegs, aluminium and nylon parts.

VIA was built using extreme condition tent technology and was funded by the Arts Council of England. It was initially installed and exhibited on a sparsely populated, small coastal island off the west coast of Canada.


HIC MANEBIMVS OPTIME’ 2008. White neon

Funded by the Arts Council of England and temporarily installed on small coastal island off the west coast of Canada, the neon text was run off grid by a generator on an almost inaccessible part of the island’s coastline. It is a loose translation of a Latin phrase from about 390 BC.

KG50 2009

KG50 2009. Coated polyamide, polyester webbing, tuff pegs, braided nylon guy lines, aluminium poles, nickel eyelets, nylon and aluminium parts.

KG50 was temporarily installed on a small island off the west coast of Ireland. The sculpture’s main body consists of 300 square meters of Coated Polyamide fabric and measures approximately 4 meters x 15 meters x 20 meters. 

Tea for Ai Weiwei 2011

Tea for Ai Weiwei. Hand sewn fabric banner and tea stall 2011.

I set up stall and participated in Monica Ross’ Anniversary – an act of memory, Act 31 at the Brighton Festival Freedom Picnic giving free tea to the public in exchange for their signature on an online petition calling for the release of Ai Weiwei in 2011.